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Step 1: Collect Underpants

A mysterious prophet appears, warning the rulers of each major society of the coming apocalypse.
He appears uninvited, and unhindered, often to the dismay of guards, and sages alike, delivers his message and disappears, as easily as he came. His identity is unknown, and despite any divination he defies recognition. Rumor spreads of the strange figure, but most people give the warnings no more heed than their rulers, dismissing him as a madman, one doomsayer amongst hundreds.

But soon signs and portents point to some great destruction or calamity on the horizon, and the rumors about the doom foretold by the mysterious prophet begin to take credence.

Seventh Day, Ches, 1496 DR
The Prophet leaves Shom with the six
copies of the Illumian Prophecy.

Eighteenth Day, Tarsakh, 1496 DR
The Prophet delivers a copy of the Illumian Prophecy to
the Council of Five in Amn.

Third Day, Mirtul, 1496 DR
Led by the Twelve Princes, the armies of Netheril
arrive in Suzail. The Cormyrian Regent falls in battle against
the Shades.
Ghaunadaur emerges from the portal in the Citadel Xxiphu,
now materialized in Suzail, followed by Shar. While the Battle
of Suzail rages outside, Ghaunadaur slays Shar.
Absorbing her power, he departs Abeir-Toril to do battle with
the gods.

Fourth Day, Mirtul, 1496 DR
The first rift opens in Suzail, far realm creatures rip apart
the already ruined city and kill all who survived the battle.
The Prophet delivers a copy of the Illumian Prophecy to
Grand Duke Portyr in Baldur’s Gate but it is stolen by
Nine-Fingers, the head of the thieves guild.

Twenty-Eighth Day, Mirtul, 1496 DR
The Prophet delivers a copy of the Illumian Prophecy to
Coronal Ilsevele Miritar in Myth Drannor.

Tenth Day, Kythorn, 1496 DR
The Prophet delivers a copy of the Illumian Prophecy to
The Deep Lords in Eartheart.

Twenty-Third Day, Kythorn, 1496 DR
As panicked rumors about the contents of the Illumian Prophecy
swirl through the city, the Baldur’s Gate Riots begin.

Sixteenth Day, Flamerule, 1496 DR
Ghaunadaur slays Sune.

Twenty-Eighth Day, Flamerule, 1496 DR
Ghaunadaurites appear for the first time, in Luskan. Their leader, Ivel
Batavos, declares that only those who bow down to Ghaunadaur will
survive the coming times.

Second Day, Elasias, 1496 DR
Ghaunadaur slays Moradin.

Twentieth Day, Elasias, 1496 DR
Nine-Fingers establishes control over the streets
of Baldur’s Gate and seals the gates of the city, protecting and
providing for its inhabitants in return for their fealty.

Twenty-Seventh Day, Elasias, 1496 DR
Ghaunadaur slays Silvanus and Corellon.

Fifth Day, Marpenoth, 1496 DR
Ghaunadaur battles Tempus, but is wounded and forced to

Thirteenth Day, Marpenoth, 1496 DR
The Armies of Moradin depart Eartheart.

Twenty-Seventh Day, Marpenoth, 1496 DR
Ghaunadaur fights Tempus again, and slays him with the aid
of Asmodeus.

Seventh Day, Uktar, 1496 DR
Convinced by Ivel Batavos that the only way to survive
the end of the world is to be given to the rift monsters, 400 people
in the towns of the Dalelands allow themselves to be
sacrificed by the Ghaunadaurites.

Tenth Day, Uktar, 1496 DR
The Prophet visits High Lord Duirsar in Evereska. He
refuses to accept a copy of the Illumian Prophecy.

Fifthteenth Day, Uktar, 1496 DR
As Baldur’s Gate runs short on supplies, troops sent by Nine-Fingers
raid and pillage in the lands around Amn.

Fifth Day, Nightal, 1496 DR
Chon Vrael stages an ambush on Szass Tam’s troops as
they return to Thay.

Eighteenth Day, Nightal, 1496 DR
The Ghaunadaurites continue to gather followers as their bands
raid and slaughter towns across northern Faerûn.

First Day, Hammer, 1497 DR
The Eladrin close their borders.

Twelfth Day, Hammer, 1497 DR
South of Amn, The Prophet is waylaid by
bandits. His belongings — including
the last two copies of the Illumian Prophecy — are sold to
traders headed into the city. He is not seen again.

Twenty-First Day, Hammer, 1497 DR
The Armies of Moradin battle a band of Ghaunadaurites
attempting to destroy the towns of the Dalelands.

Ninth Day, Alturiak, 1497 DR
Amaunator attacks Ghaunadaur, but Ghaunadaur slays him.

Nineteenth Day, Alturiak, 1497 DR
Believing that That Which Lurks will reappear in the city,
Ghaunadaurites begin to gather in Suzail.

Twenty-Third Day, Alturiak, 1497 DR
Led by Selûne, the remaining exarchs battle Ghaunadaur
on the Astral Plane. They are slain, but Ghaunadaur is forced to
flee back to Abeir-Toril.

Twenty-Eighth Day, Alturiak, 1497 DR
The Armies of Moradin lay siege to Myth Drannor in hopes of
preventing the return of Ghaunadaur.

Second Day, Ches, 1497 DR
Bypassing the siege, Ghaunadaur returns to Myth Drannor to perform
a ritual in the ancient forests surrounding the city. He is confronted by
Coronal Ilsevele Miritar, but That Which Lurks drives her away.

Third Day, Ches, 1497 DR
Despite interference by the Armies of Moradin, Ghaunadaur is
partially rejuvenated by the completion of his ritual.

Fourteenth Day, Ches, 1497 DR
The Ghaunadaurites gathered in Suzail rejoice when Ghaunadaur
arrives. Any who approach That Which Lurks are killed as he
ventures into the ruins of Suzail.

Twenty-Second Day, Ches, 1497 DR
Ghaunadaur travels to Evereska. High Lord Duirsar, with
the assistance of the Cold Hand, manages to drive
away the weakened far realm entity. Ghaunadaur vows revenge.

Seventeenth Day, Tarsakh, 1497
Ghaunadaur slays Selûne when the silver moon is full. The
moon shatters.

Eighteenth Day, Tarsakh, 1497 DR
Pieces of the moon begin to rain down on Abeir-Toril.
The rain will last a year.

Fourth Day, Kythorn, 1497 DR
Ghaunadaur slays Chauntea.

Thirteenth Day, Kythorn, 1497 DR
The Green Month begins, Chauntea’s last gift to the mortals
of Abeir-Toril. For the next four weeks, no rifts occur.

Twelfth Day, Flamerule, 1497 DR
The Green Month ends as rifts return to ravage the

Eighteenth Day, Elasias, 1497 DR
The lava flows of the Thaymount increases beyond the ability
of the thayans magic to control them. Lava floods over
most of Thay, destroying many thayan
settlements, and into the Forest of Lethyr,
setting it ablaze.

Sixth Day, Eleint, 1497 DR
With Asmodeus’s help, Ghaunadaur slays Bane, Cyric,
and Gruumsh in a single day.

Seventeenth Day, Marpenoth, 1497 DR
Grand Duke Portyr captures Nine-Fingers.

Twenty-First Day, Marpenoth, 1497 DR
Nine-Fingers is publicly executed.

Nineteenth Day, Uktar, 1497 DR
The rebels of Burning Amruthar led by Chon Vrael redirect a lava
flow into the heart of the Citadel, capital of Thay, destroying it.
Szass Tam is driven away.

Twenty-Fourth Day, Uktar, 1497 DR
Rifts gather around Evereska. Despite the efforts of
eladrin wizards, they do not pass by or dissipate.

Twentieth Day, Nightal, 1497 DR
Lolth attempts to ally with Ghaunadaur, and he nearly
accepts, but Asmodeus steps in and murders her, claiming
she was attempting to fool Ghaunadaur. Enraged, Ghaunadaur
realizes that Asmodeus has been siphoning some of the
power of the defeated gods for himself. He destroys the
demon prince.

Twenty-Seventh Day, Nightal, 1497 DR
Ghaunadaur challenges and defeats Kelemvor.

Fourth Day, Hammer, 1498 DR
A rift strikes Myth Drannor for the first time, after which
the area is hit continuously, with no respite.

Ninth Day, Alturiak, 1498 DR
Coronal Ilsevele Miritar is attacked by far realm creatures
from a rift and dies.

Thirteenth Day, Alturiak, 1498 DR
The amassed rifts break through the mythals
protecting Evereska and Myth Drannor to
ravage its people.

Twenty-Second Day, Alturiak, 1498 DR
The rifts over Evereska and Myth Drannor swell, absorbing
other rifts as they grow.

Seventeenth Day, Ches, 1498 DR
Evermeet is last eladrin city to disappear in to the feywild.
None are ever seen again.

Seventh Day, Tarsakh, 1498 DR
One massive rift covers all Faerûn.

Eighteenth Day, Tarsakh, 1498 DR
The Rain of Moonshards ends.

First Day, Mirtul, 1498 DR
The rift envelops all Abeir-Toril. Ghaunadaur slays all remaining
deities bar the Overgod, Ao.

Third Day, Mirtul, 1498 DR
As he prepares for his final battle with Ao, Ghaunadaur
forces open a portal from Xxiphu to the planes. He slays all
but those residing in the inner city of Elirhondas, so they can
watch Abeir-Toril’s final hours.

Fourth Day, Mirtul, 1499 DR
Ghaunadaur destroys Ao. The multiverse ends. The history of
Abeir-Toril is complete.

- Illumian Prophecy

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit

The party soon finds themselves in the ruins of an ancient civilization, probably one of the only remaining places on the planet where the murderous bands of savage refugees won’t follow. Probably just as concerning then, that for the most part even they, in their desperate state, fear to tread in this place. All that you know is that every night you can hear the screams of those who are caught away from the light of a campfire, and are snatched in to the darkness.

The ruins are situated in a desert, careful inspection of knowledge of nature reveals the area was once a rich, fertile and vibrant valley – but now the water is gone and the greenery has turn to ashen sand. The ruins hold mystical properties, while touching the walls people sometimes gain a vision of the city as it once was. It was a city of the Illumians, a forgotten race that pre-dates the rise of man – even elves where in their infancy at the height of their power.

Each time someone gets closer to the epicenter of the ruins, each flash of imagery from the past seems more and more real. Then it is almost like some of the people in the visions saw you, or at least didn’t look right through you. It gets more and more like they are actually there until one of the apparitions from the past addresses them, or bumps in to them on the street.

All of a sudden they are instantly transported back in time, a rush of noise flooding in their eyes and it feels like waking up as the dream becomes reality and they are a foreign oddity standing in the middle of a city in the past. The area is lush, green, alive and vibrant. People bustle to and fro, going about their daily business.

Allow the characters to learn a little about the city and it’s people until it comes to a confrontation, the first time a character would be wounded they are instantly transported back to the present, still hurt, maybe bleeding from the wound that is all too real.

They wake to find themselves exactly where they were in the past, only the structures are crumbled, the people long dead and everything covered in years of accumulated sand blowing in from across the desert it is now.

Coming to the center of the city reveals a strange circle, extending out to the edges of the inner city, and inside it a perfect vision of the city as it was in the past, frozen in time.

Closer inspection reveals it is not frozen, figures are at different distances to the center, the closer they are the slower they appear to move, until the last couple of hundred meters people don’t appear to be moving at all.

The two figures closest appear to be fighting in painfully slow motion, and dressed in the current style and ragged, as if they too had lived through the calamities of recent days and had only recently come to this place.

The closer in the older the style of dress, creatures long extinct, even men as they were once, neanderthals of heavy brow and clad in furs and only simple stone tools at their waists.

At the very center, frozen in place as it were is a great congregation of Illumians, facing a central figure that appears to be conducting some kind of ritual.

If the characters step in to the circle the people ahead of them slower speed up, as behind them things begin to move impossibly fast.

Other characters stride forward to meet the characters, ragged, broken people, the last remnants of mortals on this plane.

Approaching closer and closer to the inner city the sky behind them flashes from day to night until the passage of time becomes so fast it becomes a blur. It is an almost solid flickering gray, that is slowly becoming darker and darker until, a great flash lights up the entire sky for a brief moment and all is dark and remains that way.

There is no going back from this point, the world is destroyed and this enchanted city is the only area to survive it, shielded from it only from the ritual that was begun millennia ago, removing the city from the normal flow of time.

The sands begin to drain and are whipped in to a storm by savage winds. The sandstorm however doesn’t last long, as the sand is swept from the city’s flagstones and structures and floats off the now defined edges of the inner city limits and in to the nothingness.

Great shapes are revealed around the characters, where they were once buried deep, deep under the ground. The city’s true size and shape become apparent, most likely with awe. Now freed from the countless tons of rock and sand weighing it down the orbs begin to creak and groan and move in their orbits once more.

The city is like an orrey (above), with enormous orbs of brass connected by great rotating rings. Each orb serves some kind of purpose. Each will be detailed below:

  • Observatory
  • Entrance and Atrium
  • Biosphere

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